(NOTE: Only for sites with the Page module activated)

  1. Login to your site
  2. Click the PAGES link near the top right-hand corner of the screen
  3. You should now see the SITEMAP for your entire site. Your home page is shown in black. Purple pages are main menu pages, and their “children” are underneath in blue. Third-level pages are shown in green. Fourth-level pages are in Orange. On the right under the grey “Other Pages” are other pages that aren’t children of a main menu page.

  4. Click the green link + ADD PAGE

  5. A form appears, enter the PAGE TITLE
  6. After you type in the PAGE TITLE and click anywhere – you should see the link for this page appear. The link is auto created, but you can click on it to change it to whatever you like (be sure not to choose a page link that is already in use on your site).
  7. WHERE DOES THIS PAGE GO? - choose where your page should go in the sitemap. To add a page that won’t appear in the menus, choose – Other Pages -
  8. WHAT WILL THIS PAGE LOOK LIKE? - choose from one of the template files on your site, eg. for a page under the About Us section, choose “Internal”
  9. I’D LIKE THIS TO OPEN TO A DIFFERENT PAGE / SITE – only use this if you want your page to send users elsewhere... for example a /chase-bank link that sends users to http://www.chase-bank.com (check the checkbox and type http://www.chase-bank.com in the text box)– or it can even be a page on your site... like a /contact page that sends users to /contact-us (check the checkbox and type contact-us in the text box)
  10. USERS HAVE TO LOGIN TO SEE THIS PAGE – only check this box if you want only certain users to be able to access this page.
  11. Click Open this page in a new window if you'd like the page to open in a different browser window from the one you are currently viewing the page in.
  12. Click Add this page
  13. That’s it! You’re done!  

*Note, once your pages are added you can drag and drop them to form your desired sitemap structure.