Blog / News

Add a Blog/News Module

  1. Click + MODULE
  2. Click Add Blog / News
  3. Give your blog a title and mark the box if you'd like this title to show up on your website.  Leave the box un-checked if you do not want this title on your website.
  4. Choose how to display your articles - Title and Dates Only, Title with a Summary, or Complete Article Post.
  5. Choose how many articles your blog will show.  Type in 0 to show all articles.
  6. Choose how many words your article summaries will show.
  7. Mark the box to show mini calendar dates. (This must be activated on your site before being used)
  8. Mark the box to allow comments on your blog and decide if they must be approved by email before going live.  If so, enter an email address.  This is where the comments will be sent for approval before going live on the site.
  9. The RSS feed for your blog shows up here.
  10. Click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the window.

Add a Blog/News Quicklist Module

If you have multiple blogs or news modules on your website, a Quicklist Module allows you to pull posts or articles from each blog/news module into one list of the most recent posts.  This can also be used to highlight the latest blog posts on a page separate from where the blog is kept.

  1. Click + MODULE
  2. Click Add Blog/News Quicklist
  3. Mark the boxes of the blogs/news you would like to pull into the Quicklist.
  4. Choose how the posts will display.
  5. Choose how many articles you would like to display in the Quicklist. If you choose 0, all of the articles will be visible in the Quicklist.
  6. Choose how many words your article summaries will have.
  7. Choose how you’d like to organize your articles – by date, by author, or by tag.
  8. Click Save Changes.

Add an Article to the Blog / News Module

  1. On the BLOG / NEWS module bar, click Add Article
  2. Give the article a title.  A url is automatically created for the article based on the title.  Click edit url to change this.
  3. Use the drop down calendar to select the date of the article by clicking on the number.  Use the arrows to scrolls to past or future dates.
  4. Fill in the name of the article's author
  5. Type the article in the body and enter new tags, or click on existing tags that apply (under Previously Used Tags)
  6. Click Save Changes

Add an Archives section [VIDEO]

Here is how to use the Quicklist module to add an Archives section for your Blog.