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Help me Obi Wan...

In this section we'll deal mainly with building HTML / CSS layout files and then filling them with handy Convergence tokens.  Once you've (Jedi) mastered layouts and tokens, your sites will be as easy-to-use as they are beautiful.  So what are you waiting for?  Jump on in!

Getting set up

When you sign up for a Convergence site, you'll get a login to your site and also an FTP account. From the admin portion of your site, you'll be able to create new pages in the sitemap, and also designate which which HTML files you want to link to those sitemap pages. You'll also be able to add all of the content to your site via tokens.

But first, you must set up your HTML pages in order to make the best of the system. The getting set up section will take you through the process of the inital setup for convergence. We've done this for hundreds of sites now, so we want to share our wisdom throughout the process.