Custom Displays

When you add a BLOG, EVENTS, PRODUCT LIST or ITEM LIST module, the products or items are shown with our markup.  If you want to use your own markup, you can build a Custom Display. Follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Make an HTML file
Make an HTML file with the name of the Custom Display you want, remember that "images-only.html" will show up in the dropdown as "Images Only" - put this HTML file in the correct folder as indicated below. The HTML in your file should be the HTML for one article or one event or one product or one item - Convergence will then copy that code for each item shown by your module.  Use the article token, event token, product token or item token to show different fields.

Step 2: Upload it to the correct folder on your FTP
Use the following folders in your site FTP for Custom Displays:

Module Folder
BLOG / NEWS /displays/articles/ 
EVENTS /displays/events/
ITEM LIST /displays/items/
PHOTOS /displays/photos/
PRODUCT LIST /displays/products/