1. Click + MODULE
  2. Click ADD FORM
  3. Give your form a title.
  4. Enter an email address where completed form entries will be sent.  All entries are also saved in a csv file for easy download.  To access the form entries via csv, click the Entries (CSV) link on the Form module bar. Open in Excel.

  5. Mark the box if you would like to enable spam protection using CAPTCHA.  This will require the user to enter a code they see before submitting the form.

  6. Choose the text you would like to use for the submit button and type it in.
  7. Type in the text you would like the user to see after they submit the form.
  8. Now it's time to add a new form field.  Click on the dropdown +Add a new field

    Your field types include:

    Field Type Example
    Single line text box  /templates/photos/form-single-line.jpg
    Paragraph text area  /templates/photos/form-paragraph.jpg
    Drop down menu  /templates/photos/form-dropdown.jpg
    Checkbox  /templates/photos/form-checkbox.jpg
    Drop down: State (USA)  /templates/photos/form-dropdown-state.jpg

  9. Select the type of field you would like to add by clicking on it.
  10. The field will be added.  Edit the label text by highlighting "Label goes here" and typing over it.
  11. Continue to add fields to make up your form.

  12. If a field is required mark it with the red exclamation point.  The user will not be able to submit the form until all required fields have been filled in.
  13. If you need to reorder the fields grab the field by the crosshair by clicking with your mouse and holding. Drag and drop to the new location.
  14. Save Changes when finished.