Convergence + jQuery = BFF.

Here at Convergence, we love jQuery.  In fact - we love it so much we decided to include it on every Convergence site.  One thing this means is that you won't need to include it in your tags inside your layout files.  In fact, if you do, you may get some JavaScript errors.  Also, it's included from the Google CDN, so you can be sure it will be delivered quickly and reliably.

What's a jQuery?

Good question.  jQuery is a JavaScript library that allows you to easily add interactivity and flexibility to your site.  Put simply, you can change HTML and CSS on the fly (just as with JavaScript).  As we've said, we love it and we've used it extensively with all of our Convergence sites.  If you're feeling up to the challenge, we highly recommend checking out the main jQuery site - there's no doubt that an understanding of jQuery will help you get so much more out of your Convergence sites. 

Wait, I use another JavaScript library...

Oh that's ok, we won't judge you.  :)  Actually that's perfectly fine, just use jQuery.noConflict() if you're running into some trouble.