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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Page Meta Description and Keywords

Meta tags allow you to supply additional information about your pages and site.  These tags are not readable by humans, however they do appear to search engines.  It's important to note that meta tags are not a magic silver bullet - in order to increase your search engine ranking, you should focus on the actual content that is human readable on your site, ie. the text on your pages.  With that said, here are instructions to modify the meta description and keywords for your site's pages.

The meta description tag is intended to be a brief and concise summary of your page's content, kind of like your store summary.

  1. Login to your site

  2. Click PAGES in the top right

  3. The sitemap for your site appears.  Hover over the page you wish to edit and click the edit icon (the small pencil and paper).

  4. On the right-hand side, you will see a grey box - click Show Advanced SEO Options

  5. Enter your Meta Description and Meta Keywords in the boxes below

  6. Meta Description ** - Very important because it's often used by search engines as your site description in search results. Use 15-20 words, starting with several strategic keywords (170 characters). Make it compelling and relevant to receive qualified traffic.

  7. Meta Keywords ** - List your strategic keyword phrases up to a maximum of 744 characters. Use keywords that are relevant to the page, with or without commas.ee-meta-pages

  8. Click Save Changes in the bottom left


** Note: Suggestions gathered from pandia.com


Clean URLs

Convergence CMS comes with great SEO features built in!  One great feature is that all of your pages, blog articles, and events (plus products and/or items, if those are enabled) come with clean URL's automatically.  This means your contact page on your site can have this simple URL:  http://yoursite.com/contact

You can also specify what you'd like these links to be, and even set up shortcut URL's to point to longer ones... so: 


could auto-forward users to



Page Meta Title

The Page Meta Title is very important for SEO - on Google, this is the title that appears as the large blue link in the search results.  When viewing a webpage, this title usually appears at the top of your browser window - and can also appear on the tabs of your browser.

In Convergence, depending on how your templates are structured, the page meta title is typically a combination of your site name (editable in the ACCOUNT section) and the title of each page (from the PAGES section).

Let's imagine your site was Bob's Books.

If you had a Resources page, the meta title would be:  

Bob's Books  |  Resources
If you want to change the meta title to Bookstore Customer Resources, but keep the name Resources in your site menu, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the PAGES section
  2. Hover over the Resources page and click the pencil icon to edit
  3. Click Show Advanced Options on the right
  4. Type in Resources under PAGE MENU NAME – so this will show in the menus around your site
  5. Now under PAGE TITLE on the left side, type in Bookstore Customer Resources
  6. Click Save Changes