Once your pages are added to the sitemap, you can drag and drop them to form your desired sitemap structure.

  1. Login to your site.
  2. Click the PAGES link near the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  3. You should now see the sitemap for your entire site. Your home page is shown in black. Purple pages are main menu pages, and their “children” are underneath in blue. Third-level pages are shown in green.  Fourth-level pages are in orange.  On the right under the grey “Other Pages” are other pages that aren’t children of a main menu page.  If you don't want your page to show up in the menu or sub-menu, then you should put it under "Other Pages".
  4. Once you've added all your pages, you can easily re-arrange them.  Hover over the page you would like to move.  When you see the hand icon appear click and drag the page to it's new location.
  5. Dropping a page directly on top of another page makes it a sub page of the one you dropped it on. (See below: Reservations is being dropped on Gallery making it a sub-page of Gallery.)
  6. Dropping a page between two existing pages will actually place the page in between the two in the sitemap. 
  7. Use the colors as your guide - before you drop the page that you are dragging make sure the place you want to drop it is highlighted in yellow when you hover over it.  Once it changes color to indicate that is where the page will be dropped, let go of the page.
  8. That’s it! You’re done!